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No Upfront Fees.

You pay nothing to join our directory until you receive your first enquiry. This way, you know you'll get work from out directory.

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The price to activate your account is £34.99 for 3 months. That can be covered with a single deposit!

You Keep Your Profits.

You deserve to have full control of your career.

You keep all profits made from your profile, including all deposits.

We Know Advertising.

We're pretty darn good at advertising. We target couples, companies, and event planners, all the people you care about.

With our expertise, we can make sure your profile gets put in front of the right people.

We're Selective.

Look at every single other directory and you'll see that they let any band make a profile. Some directories have thousands of bands.

This can be a problem. Why? Because a lot of the time this waters down the service for the bands (you).

We cap the amount of bands that may join our directory. This helps us make sure every band on our directory gets work. Our current cap is set at 500 bands.

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